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Opuntiarium - No Present

Solo show at Blank Projects, Cape Town, South Africa from September 8th, 2011 until October 1st, 2011

This exhibition presented an installation, composed of three pieces, is the result of a two-month residency in South Africa. 
The photo that accompanies the exhibition was taken at the Vredefort dome (South Africa), a site created by meteor impact. Two artworks include living Opuntia cacti, and are irradiated by a third one, which includes a horticultural fluorescent tube.  

"As the culmination of his two-month residency in Cape Town (hosted by Pro Helvetia and blank projects) visiting Swiss artist Alan Bogana will present an installation that integrates Opuntia cacti, especially realized for this exhibition.

Bogana, who in the past produced several artworks with plastic plants, will create an ephemeral vivarium for living Opuntia cacti – a suggestive biosphere of sorts in which spaces are inclosed in spaces ad infinitum: to preserve life, as well as to preserve images of the future. The plants will become guinea-pigs for the artist’s own projections.
By leaving space for the unpredictable to occur, the works aim to create collisions between static and dynamic images and ideas, as well as to interrogate enclosed living systems.

This installation is a continuation of Bogana’s artistic reflection on the persistence of utopian dreaming and on thee unavoidable collision with the dynamism of complex systems."