This installation consists of fourteen 3d-printed matte and translucent objects modeled off of minerals from the Paris Mines Museum of Mineralogy’s prestigious collection.In 2015 I digitized a selection of their minerals, which served as the raw material to create a first series of digital works. In this further step of an imaginary cycle of transformation of matter, I return to materiality using 3D printing techniques. Inspired by various phenomena from the mineral world, such as the inclusion of fluids and crystal twinning, the work weaves analogies between the utopia of digital technologies and the complexity of nature. Each object of the installation suggests a story through its’ form and blends the original form with digital modifications. The crystalline forms are, in this instance, diverted into a subsequent process of anthropization.

With the support of FMAC and FCAC Geneva.

TYPE:                       Installation
YEAR:                       2018
TECHNIQUE:            Plexiglas, steel, 3d prints
SIZE:                        Variable dimensions
EDITION:                 3 + 1 AP + 1 EC