For this solo exhibition named « Phlogistronic Dandelions », I was invited to develop a dialogue between my art practice and the experiments of the Prometheus Research Institute (PKB Prometei), founded in 1962 in Kazan by Russian scientist and artist Bulat Galeyev. Over the decades, PKB Prometei undertook several experiments in the field of synesthesia and created kinetic and pioneering media art. The Institute also designed machines that generate optical phenomena conceived to relax astronauts. For the exhibition, I therefore decided to present a selection of objects and artworks created by PKB Prometei alongside previous and new works of mine. Some of the PKB Prometei items were presented on rotating platforms.

With the support of Pro Helvetia and FCAC Geneva

                         > Solo exhibition
YEAR:               2019
WHERE:            Smena Art Center, Kazan, Russia