Relics of Lights, Clouds and Raindrops (Hong Kong)

These 3D prints are volumetric transpositions of images from the monumental light show “A Symphony of Lights” in Hong Kong. These images were captured from a webcam through which I watched the show daily for several months. The brighter areas of these images generate peaks, while the darker regions generate flat areas on the 3D print. I consider these works to be “postcards” in volume – of a place that is unknown and unrecognizable to everyone. These works are inspired by the gap between our image of a place and the experience of visiting it. These sculptures are part of an ensemble of artworks and texts resulting from a Pro Helvetia residency in Hong Kong that never took place in person because of the pandemic.



3D-printed nylon plastic, paint
25 x 25 x 3cm; 18 x 18 x 3cm; 12 x 12cm x 3cm,
displayed on individual pedestals 110cm high
3 + 1EC + 1AP