Sensible Spectrum VR

In this interactive work, viewers are invited to sit in a swivel chair and experience an immersive virtual reality video. The virtual environment is a loose reconstruction of the cloud chamber experiment, which renders visible the erratic particles that constantly surround us, such as cosmic rays and earth radiation. While the viewer is immersed in the fictional environment, a small projector attached to the VR headset simultaneously traces his gaze by projecting a video onto the surrounding walls and surfaces. Visible to viewers on the outside, the projected video creates an essay that questions the notions of vision, perception and reality. The dissociation between the interior and exterior perspectives offers further scope for reflection on our perception of various realities as well as on the role of technology in relating them to us.



VR Installation
Customized Oculus Rift, 3d print, video projector, software
Variable dimensions
Endless Loop
5 + 1 AP + 1 EC