This installation is composed of four structures that evoke different scales (such as skyscrapers, an anthropomorphic figure, a molecule). These structures have been designed according to the proportions of the golden ratio and are built with a modular system, which integrates fractured pipes made of different materials. On each structure are mounted Lichtenberg figures or fragments of holograms, whose original motif appears in full on each fragment. The holograms depict minerals, atoms and planets. The installation is a sort of « invisible city » by Italo Calvino dedicated to the notion of the fragment and, on a more ambiguous level, to the question of ruins.

TYPE:                       Installation with holograms
YEAR:                       2016
TECHNIQUE:            Holograms, aluminium, steel, plexiglass, wood, glass fiber, carbon fiber, optical components, motors, lasers
SIZE:                        Variable dimensions