The shelves of this circular library rotate at different speeds by means of electric motors. Two video projectors are placed on the shelves; they project animations, which are synchronized with the rotation speed of the shelves at 360 degrees in the exhibition space. This library is dedicated to the notion of black holes, which are considered to absorb all light and ‘information’ that enters their path. Symbolically, this library, instead of absorbing light like a black hole, diffuses projections and speculative knowledge related to this inaccessible phenomenon, like a kind of mirror. The projected animations consist of computer graphics simulations, which explore and divert ‘popular’ visualization techniques of various black hole related phenomena, such as the event horizon or Einstein rings. The title refers to an insult used by Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky, who was among the first to identify the presence of dark matter in the universe.

TYPE:                       Video Installation
YEAR:                       2019
TECHNIQUE:            Two videoprojectors, motors, wood, laquer
SIZE:                        Variable dimensions (bookshelf ca. 60 x 60 x 230 cm)
EDITION:                 3 + 1EC + 1AP