This installation consists of two structures. The first one evokes a « lighthouse ». A rotating beamer projects a computer-generated sea of liquid metal, giving the viewer the impression of being surrounded by it. The second structure includes an LED moving head. This machine executes a site-specific light choreography, which interacts with the architectural features of the exhibition space, a former industrial oven. Together, these light sources create an abstract narrative and a composite projection, which engulfs the exhibition space completely. The industrial processes of cooling and fusion that inhabited it, as well as the novel « Solaris » by Stanislaw Lem, inspired this work.

TYPE:                       Video and LED Installation
YEAR:                       2016
TECHNIQUE:            Beamer, motor, CG video 1080p, moving LED,
                                  DMX player, wood, Plexiglas, aluminium
SIZE:                        Variable dimensions (two structures of 40 x 40 x 200 cm)
DURATION:              4min 10sec loop
EDITION:                  3 + 1 AP + 1 EC