This video projection work was conceived for the façade of the Grand Palais in Paris and was presented during Art Paris Art Fair. I created a series of in situ digital simulations with computational fluid dynamics software that were then projected onto the façade. The various architectural and sculptural features of this art nouveau building become constraints or obstacles in an illusory flow of fluids such as air or water. These simulations and fluids drift, and vortices arise in various areas of the façade. The bright colours of the simulations indicate the speed of the airflow (blue slower, red faster) or the heat of the water (blue colder, red hotter) flowing and mixing itself along this fictional path. We live in a world, which is more and more quantified, calculated and measured; I wanted therefore to divert tools that stem from the fields of the sciences and engineering, in order to evoke something more psychedelic, transcendental and poetic.

TYPE:                       Site-specific video projection
YEAR:                       2018
DURATION:              6 min 48 sec
FORMAT:                  2624 x 1400 pixels
WHERE:                    Facade of Grand Palais, Paris