Inspired by the erratic dysfunctional pixels on cameras and screens (dead or stuck pixels), this installation consists of a series of black, red, green and blue sticks pointing at a surveillance camera purposefully installed in the exhibition space. The sticks, fixed at different points in the room, are all within the visible range of the surveillance camera. The tip of each stick is equidistant from the camera. From the perspective of the camera, the sticks appear as dots – or better yet – as physical dead pixels.

Most sticks have a sentence printed on them. These dozens of sentences comprise reflections on the notions of perception, perspective, technology, artificial vision and blind spots. This installation questions the analogy drawn between the human eye and the camera, as well as the construction of reality by our senses. The live stream of the camera is visible on a website, accessible during the exhibition.

Some of the sentences that are printed on the sticks are: “The butterfly effect might give you hope, but the inexorable dynamics of technological societies may take it away”, “Your eye is a camera and your skin is a screen”, “This dead pixel might hide a ladybug, a star, a black hole or even a whole galaxy”, “Are perceptions always illusions?”, and “An ephemeral space and time for forgetting, resisting, hiding and disappearing”.


Site-specific installation
Aluminium sticks (8mm diameter), Vinyl, CCTV Camera
Variable dimensions
Edition of 5 + 1 AP + 1 EC