Raindrops Symphony

For more than four months, I connected to a webcam daily to observe and study a monumental light show called “A Symphony of Lights”. Since 2004, powerful Lasers, searchlights, and LED facades atop several skyscrapers synchronize with each other to invade the Hong Kong sky every day at 8pm for 10 minutes. Among the almost sixty recordings of this light show, I have selected three particular days when my experience was uniquely transformed by thunderstorms. The stormy weather and the rain droplets on the webcam diffracted and transformed this colossal light show. This video work is part of an ensemble of artworks and texts from a Pro Helvetia residency in Hong Kong that never took place in person because of the pandemic. During this time, I met several Hong Kongers remotely and, with time, my central question started establishing itself – how do you create a work about a place you never visited?

TYPE:                       Video
DURATION:              15min
FORMAT:                  4k
EDITION:                  5 + 1 AP + 1 EC